Please note - we are closed for surrendering from November 2018 until the end of January 2019. If you are needing help with rehoming, please contact RSPCA Victoria.

We are a no-kill shelter that take the bird relinquishment and re-homing service very seriously. There is standard process that we oversee in every case – regardless of the market value of the pet surrendered. This process ensures that healthy birds are placed in suitable homes to provide them with a good quality of life every time. 

If you’re interested in surrendering your bird, please fill out our surrender form and return it back to All surrenders are through appointment, and only once your application and proof of a medical examination are provided.

The key points of our adoption policy follow:

Prior to surrender, a medical examination including pathogen testing for Chlamydiosis (and Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease Virus for susceptible species less than two years of age) must be performed by an Avian Veterinarian at your cost. 

This requirement not only protects the new owner’s existing pets, but all the birds and staff currently in our care. Chlamydiosis and Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease Virus are two diseases that are often detected in birds. These illnesses in birds can be difficult to identify at early stages without a thorough examination and laboratory testing.

  • Chlamydiosis is a common infectious disease that is not only highly transmittable from bird to bird (infected birds shed the organism when stressed) but also has potential to be transmitted from birds to humans.

  • Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease Virus, often a fatal disease of parrots, is becoming prevalent in the pet trade as legally trapped Cockatoos are being sold.

If a medical examination has been performed in the previous twelve months to our medical examination standards, this documentation will suffice. The health check can be performed at your chosen Avian Veterinarian or through a Bird Care Programme appointment at Greensborough Veterinary Hospital (03 9435 3333). It is difficult to provide a price estimate on a health check, as the bird may require treatment or specialised testing depending on its condition. Please contact your chosen clinic for a quote.

Following the health check, the bird(s) will be surrendered to us through a ‘pepper corn’ payment which is dependent on species between ranging from $55 - $150 for each individual bird. This payment is largely contractual and therefore non-negotiable. Any further financial contribution or donations of cages/toys for the bird’s care is always appreciated.

From this point on, the trust is placed in Bird Re-homing Services Inc. – who have extensive experience in parrot adoption and care – to make the correct decision for the bird(s). An approximate order of events is below:

  • Bird is medicated if required 

  • Bird is groomed if required 

  • Bird is converted to a high quality Vetafarm formulated diet

  • Bird is re-homed in a suitable situation

  • A two week follow-up is made 

  • Behavioural modification as required 

  • Ongoing behavioural assessment in new home

The adopter will most likely be a member of Bird Boarding’s broad client base, who are proven committed companion parrot guardians, or people who have contacted BRS Inc. expressing their interest in providing a loving home to birds in need.

BRS Inc. reserves the right to make the best decision for the bird’s future based on its history and observable behaviour. Some birds are not suited to re-homing and are retired to the aviary to choose a partner. Unfortunately, we cannot offer visitation rights or updates to the previous owners of the parrot.

Please note, depending on our resources at the time, there may be a wait to surrender your bird. For emergency situations, please contact RSPCA Victoria. If you’ve found a wild bird and need aid in caring for it, please contact Wildlife Victoria for further assistance