About Us

Our Mission


Bird Re-homing Services Inc. is a not-for-profit organisation located in Melbourne, Victoria who are dedicated to providing excellent options for companion bird carers needing to re-home their pets as well as a humane option for adoption of companion birds. We are a No Kill shelter that provide displaced birds with accommodation, nutrition, training and veterinary treatment, while finding a favourable new home.


The pet bird trade is a billion dollar industry worldwide. The number of unwanted and homeless companion birds continues to grow, driven by unregulated and needless breeding endemic to the pet trade.

It is estimated that the average captive bird will live in at least five homes before finding a permanent home or dying prematurely due to malnutrition, lack of medical treatment or household accidents including predation following escape.

Companion birds are often marketed as low maintenance, entertaining and are affordable to most households. In Australia, some of the small parrot species are traditionally gifted as a child's first pet. A lack of education or understanding of proper care may lead to impulse purchasing that can turn out to be disastrous for the animal and expensive for the caregiver.

The majority of the birds in our care do not come from backgrounds of abuse and neglect, rather, the previous caregivers felt a need to surrender their birds due to a range of personal reasons. Many caregivers, after retrospectively learning about the needs of their pet, come to the conclusion that they cannot provide the time and effort required to keep a bird in good physical and psychological health and are not equipped to deal with behavioural challenges. Other common reasons for surrendering birds include believing that the bird is lonely, carers not having enough time, relocating, starting a family, inability to cover veterinary expenses or lack of initial understanding about how parrots will fit in with the family.

What makes us unique?

Bird Re-homing Services Inc. is an organisation that is dedicated to providing an exceptional service. The Standards of Care that underpin our contract with every person that uses our service are at the forefront of the avian industry. We utilise our extensive industry experience and contacts to produce incomparable outcomes.